Sunday, July 02, 2006


Ahh. A poem I wrote for my english class on our favorite season, mine being summer. Summer is so awesome: beach, boys, no school, chillin, friends, and something else. I can't remember though.. OH YEAH!! MY BIRTHDAY!! :) OH yeah. You know it. :P

Here she comes around the corner, slowly peeking her head in.
Signs of her presence are showing here and there, every now and again.
With her bright face aglow early in the morning, and staying up late into the should-be night,
It's obvious Summer is coming.
The cries for the beach are heard.
While students are yearning to hear that bell one last time.
Filling out job applications and planning family vacations;
It's obvious Summer is coming.
She's has her good days and bad.
Some days she feels like crying.
Other days she has the brightest smile.
It's obvious Summer is coming.
For some, they just want to chill out with her.
For others, they want to impress her by working while she's around.
No matter what she brings, I'm excited.
It's obvious Summer is coming.

I should be a poet.. haha just kidding. :P

Later gaters.